Our mission is to make end-of-life decisions easier for pet owners and veterinarians by providing compassionate, dignified and experienced after-death-care services. 

     • Private Cremation

This type of cremation takes place with your pet alone in the cremation chamber. Our Pets Tracking System also ensures you that the ashes you receive are the cremated remains of your pet. If you prefer, you may even participate in the initiation of the cremation.

Once your pet is in our care, the complete cremation is usually finished within 24-48 hours. Upon completion, your pet’s ashes are removed from the chamber, processed and returned to you in the personalized pet urn and/or keepsake of your choice.


Vernal Pet Cremation offers a same-day removal service from your home or any local veterinarian’s clinic. You may also choose to bring your pet to our facility after first making arrangements with our office. We offer removal service in the following counties: Uintah, Duchesne, Dagget, Rio Blanco and Dinosaur Colorado.


We, of course, offer services to anyone able to bring their beloved pet to our facility at 410 North 800 West, Vernal, Utah, behind Phillips Ashley Valley Funeral Home.



As a tribute to your pet companion, you may post treasured pictures and memories on our Website.